Smart Hospital

Smart Hospital

Faster admissions, faster discharge.
More efficient resource management, more effective care.
The man as first subject.


One of the socio-scientific areas in which innovation has always found fertile ground also thanks to the substantial investments by governments and individuals, is certainly that of health. In fact, hospitals require constant, if not daily, reviews to better understand every benefit that medical and technological discoveries can bring to the entire system.


If on the one hand research helps care with the implementation of complex machinery and operational methods, from our point of view the logistic organization is fundamental. In fact, never as in this historical period has there been a need to keep a granular account of how many people occupy a given space, how they approach within the structure, how much and how they move, and


above all what distance they keep between them. A priority, in the post-covid era, will in fact always be to ensure that gatherings are avoided within which diseases with a strong viral load can spread and infect patients or their relatives. Our projects, supported by sensors capable of detecting the distance between one subject and another, will help to significantly reduce the risk both inside and outside hospitals. In addition to this, our business relationships with major manufacturers of products of


biological monitoring allow us to pay particular attention to the patient himself: all his biological data will be monitored and processed in maximum safety, so that any anomalies are immediately highlighted, placing the health of patients as the main asset of the service.


What aspects does the Smart Hospital touch?



  • Patient health
  • Monitoring of their biological functions
  • Data processing to find fast and effective treatments
  • Synergy between technology and logistics
  • Streamlining of the flow of people in and out of the facilities
  • Maintaining distances
  • Hygienic environments
  • Reception for guests who visit their loved ones


What can be measured thanks to the smart hospital?



  • Temperature
  • Glucose levels
  • Blood pressure
  • Body position
  • Movements
  • Weight