Research and innovation

Current involvement in Research and Innovation activities:

  • SMART LAB project, in collaboration with NIMA Lab of IEME.ST – Development of a data management platform that collects and analyses the results deriving from ageing cycles carried out on materials and products, with the aim of testing and evaluating their behaviour over time. An agile and intelligent tool for optimising the LCA test campaign, resulting in a predictive approach for the sustainable use of all products.
  • DECISION THEATRE project, development of a platform for building, evaluating and creating complex data models, capable of exploiting the information resources available to the Public Administration and supporting the strategic planning of development policies for Smart Cities.
  •  GReen Innovative Mortars from waste for the Architecture and Cultural Heritage project (GR.IN. Project), in collaboration with NIMA Lab of IEME.ST, within the ambit of MCSA H2020 RISE. The project aims to develop an interdisciplinary and intersectoral network consisting of 15 partners, with the aim of developing innovative materials for the green construction sector, using waste from the agro-food sector, such as seashells, fish bones and nopal. Servizi Speciali implements the GRIN Web platform, enabling end users and interested parties to contribute throughout the project.
  •  NetLab, a project in collaboration with the NIMA Lab of IEME.ST, which aims at optimising the artificial ageing protocols of various types of materials through the storage and smart management of analytical results in an easy-to-manage database that allows data to be exchanged between the various participating laboratories.