Hotspot Wi-Fi

Hotspot for wi-fi networks in both public and private environments

Hotspot Wi-Fi

WI-FI connectivity permits the evolution of the available technological services, providing customers with additional services that were almost never guaranteed in the past. Servizi Speciali’s solution is designed for a wide range of customers: from areas where large numbers of people congregate, such as shopping centres, open spaces, hotels, camp sites and B&Bs, to universities, trade fairs, ports, airports and even small-scale commercial activities.
Thanks to the innovative radius customer authentication system, which allows visitors to access by registering and/or through their Social Network (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) accounts, the system frees the administrators from the burden of having to manually register all accounts. Thus, in order to access the service, the end user logs in using a social network identification (principally Facebook) enabling him/her to enjoy connectivity throughout the sales area.
Management will have almost unlimited potential for diversifying the offer that can be tailored to each individual customer. In fact, by accessing the landing page, the visitor makes the following information available to the system (if present): telephone number, e-mail address, social activities, tastes, preferences, consumer choices, etc.


  1. Activation – Quick installation, no need to install a dedicated server. The installation kit includes a gateway module complete with compact, low power wireless access points. The optional access points vary according to requirements.
  2. Gateway – When associated with PayPal also provides a prepaid (voucher) purchasing system. Option of 8 different languages for the Login page. Permits centralised control (provisioning) of hotspots in the case of walled gardens (open access sites) or other policies. It is possible to allow created profiles to expire after a certain period and assign specific bandwidths to users.




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