Smart GDO

Smart GDO

From warehouse to cart. Knowing, engaging and retaining the customer.



Large-scale distribution is becoming more and more complex from the logistical point of view, and making every single gear move forward, taking into account the enormous system, requires ever more advanced ingenuity.


A crucial aspect is to know the customers: their habits, their preferences, their tastes and their times. Our IoT tools make it possible to know customers better than any other historical period. IoT allows us insight into what customers love and what might be the best deal.


Our IoT solutions for distribution:


IoT technology enables smartphone detection. In the future, data collected in large chains has unlimited potential to help retailers improve operational efficiency, better understand their customers and deliver personalized experiences: dynamic pricing, personalized offers with personalized products and services.
The applications of these technologies allow to:


  • Tracking
  • Track the paths taken physically by customers throughout the store; this is useful for updating the
  • Placement of products.
  • Detection
  • Use smart shelves to detect when inventory levels are low




  • More efficient use of energy consumption by monitoring thermostats and lights.
  • Stock
  • Monitoring of stock levels in the warehouse
  • Safety
  • Protection of freshness and enjoyment of food. Protection of the enjoyment of food in relation to everything customers decide to use for best results.