Smart Building

Smart Building

Not only energy efficiency but also predictive maintenance, comfort and health.


One of the first requirements related to smart building is represented by the optimal management of energy and the possibility of offering the best possible comfort to those who live there. The birth and development of the smart building arises precisely from the need to make the various energy consumption more efficient. Priority is given to energy management, certainly starting from the reduction of consumption where buildings account for about 40% of consumption.


The intelligent use of energy is certainly the first starting point on which the concept of smart building is concentrated so that energy efficiency can be managed in a controlled, predictive and autonomous manner thanks to the digitization of buildings.


Here the world of IoT comes into play through sensors and devices connected to a single network able to control and monitor data on the one hand and on the other to take actions necessary to reduce consumption as mentioned above.


The resulting advantages are certainly a reduction in costs in terms of using the raw material: energy! But not only that: it increases the comfort of the livability of buildings by reducing health problems thanks to the remarkable list of sensors currently available on the market, in continuous expansion and evolution.



Constant monitoring of the equipment connected to the electricity grid also means detecting any anomalies and / or failures that translate into savings in the first place and subsequently to the resolution of problems deriving from their malfunction.