Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture

The production chain in the palm of your hand. Monitoring, diagnostics, traceability.


We are constantly alongside companies in the agriculture sector to implement an important and revolutionary technological innovation and exploit the advantages of the IoT world through an integrated system of technologies and devices. By exploiting an innovative network of sensors and control devices, we keep data collected in the cloud safe, allowing simple, easy and quick consultation.



Our technical capacity meets this type of needs using IoT technologies, which are applied in the following ways:


  • Better product quality
  • Monitoring of soil moisture and the diameter of the plants in the vineyards to check the amount of sugars in the bunches, evaluating their health.




  • Control of micro-climates conditions to maximize fruit and vegetable production of
  • quality
  • Irrigation
  • Selective irrigation in arid areas. to reduce the necessary aquatic resources.
Weather forecasts:



  • Weather conditions in the fields to avoid the formation of ice, the accumulation of rain and snow.


  • Humidity and temperature level control to prevent fungi and other biological contaminants