App Discount

Proximity marketing system for mass market retail

App Discount



AppDiscount is the web and mobile service designed for large-scale retail distribution circuits, suitable for managing sales points and enhancing customer relations.
Thanks to AppDiscount, your customers will always have a list of all affiliated Points of Sale (POS) at their fingertips, complete with normal and holiday opening times, as well as being able to view their geographical position on a map, which includes such information as the nearest option and the quickest way to reach it.

With AppDiscount, each POS can provide Customers with information including products on offer, services provided (e.g. home delivery), promotional flyers, service communications (e.g. events and news) or greeting messages and dedicated offers.
In addition to the general information about the supermarket chain, AppDiscount also manages the specific information for each individual POS, enabling Customers to plan their shopping expeditions by means of a “Virtual shopping trolley” of products that can also be managed from home.

Thanks to the innovative iBeacon technology, AppDiscount can send welcome messages to customers present in the POS, thus increasing engagement, or even harvest interactive data (movements within the POS, time spent in specific departments, etc.)
The customer can view the map identifying the location of the special offers and be guided around the departments by sounds and images when in the proximity of a bargain. The information is sent based on the shopping list compiled by the App and the statistical profiling.