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In the 4.0 era it is necessary to provide that the devices proposed to the market have an intelligent section capable of providing and receiving information useful for monitoring and operation combined with control in real time.


This asset monitoring is made possible thanks to the level of technological evolution present in IoT platforms which are now able to allow the connection of any device or apparatus to the network along its entire path of use.


In a market with continuous IT evolutions, it will be more important to control all company production processes. This activity is increasingly difficult to carry out with an articulated mechanism that is sometimes complex.


From this arises the need for the widely used use of IoT sensors to date with a view to greater reliability and efficiency. Knowing, understanding and controlling these aspects means greater safety and reliability of the services provided by preventing a problem before it occurs or mitigating the inconvenience in order to solve it as soon as possible.


The Special Services IoT platform allows the control, monitoring and automation of connected devices, also supported by artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning models developed ad hoc to meet different needs.


Customer support from the analysis of the required needs and achievement of the objectives set.